About Cyclistica

You won’t find the word cyclistica in a dictionary because I made it up. It’s a play on the Italian ciclistica (cycling) as in corsa ciclistica (bike or cycling race) and the letter y thrown in to make the word look like an English word.

Why Italian is because road cycling for me is an Italian sport. I got hooked on it forty years ago in Soviet Union when I was 12. Few months after that I read a book about Viktor Kapitonov’s 1960 Olympic road race in Rome, how he broke away with┬áLivio Trape and rode through the roar of the tifosi yelling Trape! Trape! at him, how he sprinted a lap earlier, how Trape attacked, how he chased him down and beat him and how the tifosi carried Kapitonov and his Cinelli to the podium. Yes, a Soviet nobody flogged an Italian top dog on an Italian Cinelli in a middle of the Cold War.

The book was rich in purple prose and it made me believe Italy is a road cycling wonderland and maybe it is because Australia where I live now is not. We have a better climate though, here in Queensland anyway.

Forty years ago my plan was to ride a racing bike my parents couldn’t afford for a few days and move on to something else, like plane modeling or fencing. The plan, it flopped, riding a racing bike to this day. Can’t stop.

Between then and now, I won a UCI Junior World Championship in a team time trial, raced with the Soviet national team and then fled the workers’ paradise through a crack in its iron wall when the bastion began to crumble. I’m writing a memoir about the story, check it out.

So this website, cyclistica, is me sharing what I know about road cycling, bikes, training, and cycling gear.