Bike Rides: A Loop From Springfield Lakes via Cedar Creek, Veresdale Scrub, and South Ripley

Let’s call this loop the Mad Dog loop. Because it is. Deceptive and mental. Mental in more than one sense.

If you took a car and drove this loop, it would look flat to you because there are no climbs on this bike ride and anything else that is not flat you gobble up with your gas pedal.

On a bike, it’s not like that. On a bike, the moment the road goes up, you feel it with your legs and if the road is like the Mad Dog’s roads that want to suck every bit of energy out of your legs, it will suck every bit of energy out of your legs, chunk by chunk. It’s deceptive. Looks flat, sure, and then by the end of the ride you gain 1400 vertical meters somehow.

The mental part comes after you ride an honest hundred k and hit the gravel section, 23 kilometers of it in one shot. This piece has a bunch of steep hills. On a hard surface, you wouldn’t fret about them but when you climb a hill at the jogger’s speed, every rock on the road stops your momentum and there are millions of them. Tough gig.

After that, it’s smooth sailing back to Springfield Lakes.

Bike Ride’s Details

Bike rides in Brisbane a loop from Springfield Lakes via Cedar Creek and South Ripley
This bike ride will test your legs

Mad Dog Bike Ride’s Overview

  • Distance: 137 km
  • Ascent: 1400 m
  • Maximum elevation: 187 m
  • Map: Mad Dog Bike Ride
  • Start from Coffee Club in Orion Springfield Central
  • Springfield Greenbank Arterial – Goodna Road – Old Greenbank Road – Middle Road
  • Right on Tiviot Road at the roundabout
  • Left on Stoney Camp Road – Mount Lindesay overpass
  • Right on Granger Road – Carter Road – Kings Way
  • Left on Chambers Flat Road
  • Right on Kenny Road at the roundabout – Kirk Road – Anzac Avenue
  • Left on Albert Street
  • Right on Quinzen Creek Road at the roundabout – Miller Road Bridge
  • Right on Latimer Road at the roundabout – Quinzen Creek Road
  • Right on Chardon Bridge Road
  • Right on Plunkett Road
  • Right on Waterford Tamborine Road
  • Left on Camp Cable Road
  • Left on Edelsten Road
  • Left on Mundoolun Road at the roundabout
  • Right on Kurrajong Road
  • Left on Millstream Road – Veresdale Scrub Road
  • Left on Mount Lindesay Highway
  • Right on Allan Creek Road – Brookland Road
  • Left on Undullah Road
  • Right on Kilmoylar Road
  • Left on Wyatt Road (23km of gravel) – Undullah Road – Ripley Road
  • Right on Centenary Highway
  • Exit to Augusta Parkway
  • Right on Sinnathamby Boulevard
  • Left on Dan Morrison Way
  • Left on Sirius Drive
  • Right on Main Street

You can download a GPX or a KML GPS file of the Mad Dog bike ride for your computer.

How to Prepare for the Mad Dog Bike Ride

  • Come on bulletproof tires. That gravel section is not a joke. I was stupid enough to ride it on Continental SuperSport once and punctured four times in the first 10 kilometers. Another guy punctured three times, we ran out of spares and I rode on two flat wheels for 25 kilometers before my wife picked me up.
    You won’t go wrong with Maxxis Re-Fuse 25c or 28c if your frame can take a 28. Continental tires are great on hard surfaces but they have thin, exposed sidewalls. Don’t take chances with them.
  • Bring at least two spare tubes with you.
  • Take a $5 bill with you in case you slush your tire on the side. You never know.
  • Bring enough food and water. I haven’t seen a single shop or a service station on this route.
  • Wear gloves. Please.
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Veresdale Scrub greets you with rough, dead roads
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The views on this bike ride. Not bad hey
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A steep drop behind this corner and as you know, it’s always followed by…
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Kilmoylar Road does not look friendly
bike rides near Springfield Lakes and Brisbane
Moment of truth. Turn left and it’s 40 km to go with 23 km of gravel. Straight is a 25 km run on smooth bitumen back to Springfield Lakes
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The start of the Wyatt Road and the 23 km of gravel goodness

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